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What DO You Want To DO Tonight has been designed to give maximum control to the consumer.

Therefore, we require absolutely no type of sign up of any kind in order for you to enjoy the site and find interesting and fun things to do in your area or an area you are about to travel to.

That’s right! We’ve done away with bombarding you with nagging e-mails with offers that you would never consider using in a million years.

However, if you know of a business member that joins the site and you want to make sure you never miss out on an offer or an event that they post, we do allow you to “Subscribe” to that business member so that when they do post an offer, you will be the first to know about it via e-mail.

Even then, we do not share your e-mail address with the business member. We simply let them know how many people have “subscribed” to be the first to know of their offers.

At any time, you can go back to the site and "UnSubscribe" if you no longer wish to follow that business member’s offers.

Enjoy the site!